Are you ready to become the best salesperson you can be?

Selling is a science not an art! This means that anyone can do it, not just me, not just confident people, not just people who choose to put themselves out there, anyone,


You can be an amazing salesperson, you can get sales flooding into your business, you’ll have so many sales that you will have to grow and scale your business to the next level. And I am here to show you how.

Do you feel like you’re not in control of the sales in your business?

You don’t know what to do to multiply your sales? You don’t have the right systems in place?

Don't worry, The Science of Selling Blueprint will change this!

I have a killer sales strategy that works time and time again, I have used this strategy to grow three multi six figure businesses from the ground up. I have also used this sales strategy with thousands of women who I have helped take their sales to the next level.

But now it is more accessible than ever. 

I have created the ultimate blueprint for sales.

The Science of Selling

This blueprint offers you everything you need for a killer sales strategy. You will have access to it all:

  • Messaging checklist

  • The Yes Method formula

  • Sales Scripts

  • Scripts to sell in your DM’s

  • Sales page templates

  • My follow up spreadsheet

  • My Sales Conversion Calculator

  • My Sales tracker

  • Customer service guide

I want you to be the best salesperson you can possibly be, and in order to do that, you have to be on top of your numbers, you have to know your conversion rates and you have to have a sales strategy. My blueprint will speed up this process for you, so you can get started with these processes straight away. As always I have kept everything super simple and easy to follow, so none of the blueprint is difficult to follow.

My sales strategy in your business 

The Science of Selling Blueprint

Each week a different template or sheet will drop along with a training video from me

  • Module 1 - Is all about problems! What are your ideal clients biggest problems and how can we create messaging that feeds into our ideal clients biggest problems? Template: A check list for your messaging.

  • Module 2 - The Yes Method - We will look at how you can get all of your customers and potential customers saying Yes to you. -Template: The Yes Method

  • Module 3 - Now we have nailed the messaging we need to engage our ideal client and get them excited about what is to come and make sure we are reaching the people we want to. Template: Sales scripts and sales page

  • Module 4 - Follow up like your life depends on it. I will be talking you through my follow up regime and teaching you how you can do it too, plus looking at my follow up spreadsheet to keep on track. Template: Follow up spreadsheet

  • Module 5 Energy - Sales is energy and I will be walking you through how I make sure that my energy is in the right place for making sales. Template: Sales Energy Checker

  • Module 6 - Conversion - Once you know your conversions this is when the game changes, because no longer is the sales process in control of us, we are in control of the sales process. We know how many enquiries we need to get sales, and we can work backwards to fill up the top of our funnel in order to get the sales out of the bottom. Template: Conversion calculator

  • Module 7 - Then add more - customer service is key when it comes to your sales strategy so I am going to be showing you how to weave your customers experience into the sales strategy. Template: Customer service guide